Episode 22 – The New Frontier

Do you ever wonder if artificial intelligence will replace medical laboratory professionals? Or maybe you’re curious as to what current advanced technology looks like in the lab context, and how it will affect your everyday work life. In this episode, we speak with medical laboratory professionals who have implemented cutting-edge software in their own lab. We also delve into exciting artificial intelligence research for health care applications.

Bonus Content

In the episode, we mentioned AI research at Houston Methodist Research Institute. Read Sarah Griffiths article in Wired UK here to learn more about it.

Did the AlphaGo story pique your interest? You might like the article “AI software masters the game of Go, takes aim at the world’s top player” in Geek Wire.

If you’re itching to delve deeper into the nitty gritty of AI, we recommend you start with this blog post by Oracle as well as Skymind’s Artificial Intelligence Wiki.

We also mentioned an article we published in the 2019 summer issue of the CJMLS. It poses the question: Will AI replace medical laboratory professionals? CSMLS members have exclusive access to this article and can read it here.

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