Episode 16 – Art Meets Science

Science can learn a thing or two from art, especially when it comes to public education. In this episode, we speak with a biomedical artist and a microbiologist media entrepreneur to discuss alternative tools to improve science literacy and public outreach through fun, easy-to-digest artistic mediums, like dancing, painting and mobile app gaming.

Supplemental Content

Carla Brown utilizes persuasive media to teach others about microbiology with her company, Game Dr Limited. To see how powerful media and gaming can be in science education, check out Bacteria Combat on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can also follow Carla Brown on Twitter @Sci_Game_Girl and @GameDrLtd.

Carla Brown does more than create video games. She has also produced Antibiotic Apocalypse – Antibiotic resistance explained through dance and art, a short film that uses glitter and flowy movement to demonstrate an epic battle between bacteria and antibiotics.

Kaitlin Walsh paints anatomy in watercolour to visually celebrate the beauty of the human body. You can check out her awe-inspiring masterpieces at Lyon Road Art. She also has twitter. You should follow her @lyon_road.

Want to see more examples of art meets science? Then take a look at Dr. Darrell Tomkin’s photography.

If you feel inspired to share your passion for science in an artistic light, don’t forget to use hashtags, like #ilooklikeascientist and #scientistswhoselfie.

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