Episode 02 – A Hazard Hiding in Plain Sight: Part 1

PPE can’t protect us from the way we treat each other. In this episode, we will look at bullying in the workplace. We talk with experts to get a better understanding of how this issue is affecting health care professionals and why hospitals can be a breeding ground for bullying. We also take a look at one program that is doing its best to combat bullying.

Bonus Content

CSMLS Mental Health Toolkit (https://mentalhealth.csmls.org/)

Bullying in the Workplace: A Handbook for the Workplace (http://www.pshsa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/BullyWkplace.pdf)

PSHSA’s Workplace Bullying and Domestic Violence Webinar (http://www.pshsa.ca/products/workplace-bullying-and-domestic-violence-webinar/)

NSGEU’s Bully Free Workplaces Program (http://nsgeu.ca/nsgeu-bully-free-workplaces/)

Guarding Minds @ Work: A Workplace Guide to Psychological Health and Safety (http://www.guardingmindsatwork.ca/)

Workplace Bullying Institute (http://www.workplacebullying.org/)

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